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Personal Worldview Project

Belhaven High Scholars

During high school, I had the wonderful opportunity of participating in Belhaven University’s High Scholars program. We have three different classes covering World History, English & Literature, and Art Appreciation.

One of the impacts those courses had on me was the importance of understanding the concept of worldview as well as discovering, and refining, my own worldview.

At the conclusion of the two-year program, each student presented a video, in conjunction with an essay, on their worldview–where they began, what they learned, and how they planned to go forward–a reflection upon the entire body of education and learning.

That project was perhaps the most challenging I had yet faced in my own classical education. But it was also the most rewarding.

I hope you enjoy watching my final project and that it might compel you to ponder your own subconscious beliefs, to start your own journey toward a greater understanding and appreciation of you and others build frameworks through which you view the world.

Belhaven Worldview Project, Grace Murrell

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