Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

Johnson’s Coffee Shop

Coffee and friends make the perfect blends.

I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot this interview of Jerry Johnson, owner of Johnson’s Coffee Shop. This is a delightful space to spend an afternoon or morning working on projects, meeting with your friends, and just enjoying a delicious warm beverage.

Johnson’s Coffee Shop prides itself on creating a place where people can find and develop community and share their love of a good cup of coffee!

You’ll want to go check this coffee house out after watching this video.

Johnson’s Coffee Shop, by Grace Murrell

Thank you, Craig Dehut, for being such a fantastic videography instructor! I could not have completed this project without your instruction, training, encouragement, and investment in me!

Thank you, Jerry Johnson, for being a wonderful interviewee!

Thank you, Apprentice University, for giving me the opportunity to learn and develop new skills, meet incredible people, and have incredible experiences!

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