Professional Profile

Personal Snapshot: Using Creativity to Build Community

An avid learner, I endeavor to gather knowledge and experience, develop an investigative approach, and create concrete solutions with wide-ranging consequence. I shine when I can generate information that results in tangible advancements in society, maximizing opportunity and impacting others for good. In all such pursuits, I strive for excellence, professionalism, and humility.


Lead Facilitator & Partner ◆ Compass Consulting ◆ Apprentice University

August 2019-present
  • Developing a strategic marketing and branding plan to clearly communicate the mission and vision of Compass Consulting, increasing audience awareness and generating new leads (154 new Linkedin followers;
  • Creatively designing agendas and workshops to best facilitate and guide clients through problem-solving and innovation
  • Achieved Level 3 out of 4 in Simplexity™ Applied Innovation
  • Certified as a professional workshop facilitator
  • Certified as a professional integrator of innovation and creative problem solving for organizations
  • Certified in Basadur Creative Problem-Solving Profile Administrator
  • Led IMPD Cold Case Homicide engagement (identifying new Persons of Interest to pursue)
  • Instrumental in developing additional customer relations
  • Led student training at Apprentice University in fall of 2019, with 20 participants

Marketing Director ◆ PrecisionPoint, Inc. ◆ Apprentice University

September 2019-March 2020
  • Leading a strategic marketing and branding plan to clearly communicate the story and culture of Precision Point, increasing audience awareness and generating new leads
  • Creatively designing Branding & Style Guides
  • Collaboratively gathering visual content, both photographic and video, for content creation
  • Consistently generating content for weekly social media posting on various platforms, resulting in increased and consistent lead flow
  • Building landing pages for new marketing and sales campaigns as well as updating the website, generating new leads
  • Designing company business cards and employee profiles for marketing and sales efforts
  • Produced several videos for marketing campaigns

Marketing Assistant ◆ Hittle Landscaping ◆ Apprentice University

March 2019-August 2019
  • Developing a strategic marketing and branding plan to clearly communicate the story and culture of Hittle Landscaping, increasing audience awareness and generating new hire leads
  • Creatively designing interiors of several office spaces
  • Collaboratively building infrastructure for effective onboarding of new employees, driving recruitment efforts and developing leadership among Crew Leaders
  • Professionally formulating persuasive internal communication content
  • Diligently writing Standard Operating Procedures for various departments, ensuring capture of intellectual property as well as common practices within the company

Organizational Development Apprentice ◆ R. T. Moore ◆ Apprentice University

September 2018-March 2019
  • Strategically developed a format to be used as a train the trainer template for roughly 32 Elevate (Superintendent Training) modules over 6 months, resulting in trainers being able to understand and train others effectively on the material
  • Creatively collaborated with training creators in developing the instructional design materials and capturing content to support trainings and delivery for Elevate, resulting in highly detailed, organized format that provides clarity and accurate information and content for all trainers 
  • Clearly communicated the intent and delivery verbiage in the train the trainer manual
  • Accurately converted around 60 job descriptions from the old format to the new format, resulting in 100% consistency 
  • Diligently assisted in preparing roughly 200 Performance & Development documents to ensure precise information and criteria, resulting in successful review meetings
  • Professionally formulated persuasive internal communication content

Membership Assistant ◆ Truth At Work ◆ Apprentice University

March 2018-July 2018
  • Administered the member recruitment program, resulting in smooth signup for roundtables and integration into groups of more than ten new members
  • Prepared correspondence regarding the organization and its programs
  • Participated in member events and activities to provide an inviting environment
  • Replied to member hotline, supported developing relationships with members
  • Addressed customer inquiries through email and phone within 24 hours
  • Processed new members, set up files, ensured members received new member kits and videos
  • Maintained membership records using HubSpot CRM
  • Prepared for, setup, and cleaned up from ~10 roundtables, 2 Private Briefings, and other meetings each month, resulting in a hospitable, warm environment for members and visitors

CEO of Student-Led Businesses ◆ Apprentice University

October 2017-October 2018
  • Developed three high-performing managerial teams, resulting in
  • Oversaw operations and business activities
  • Enforced legal guidelines and in-house policies
  • Reviewed monthly financial and non-financial reports, resulting in accurate accounting records
  • Built trusting relations with business presidents, resulting
  • Reviewed business plans for new companies

Editor/Illustrator ◆ Apprentice University Author Assist

August 2015-present
  • Managing three full projects, resulting in 100% client satisfaction
  • In-depth editing of manuscripts
  • Hand-drawing illustrations
  • Transcribing text

Creative Artist/Co-Owner ◆ Time Two Create

June 2016-present
  • Customer communications
  • Managing projects
  • Marketing and photography
  • Financial accounting
  • Creating handmade products

Education & Certifications


  • Certified in Simplexity Creative Problem Solving
  • Certified in HubSpot CRM

Apprentice University

June 2018-present
  • Creating artifacts to earn Foundations, Project Management, Marketing, and Digital Storytelling badge certificates
  • Crafting personal mission and career interests statements
  • Attending AU and AU-related events and opportunities
  • Engaging with AU student cohort and June cohort (personal cohort)
  • Taking 3-4 classes every Friday during each academic session: Intro to Business Accounting, Live Streaming, To Change the World, EI Mastermind Cohort, Adv. Professional Communications, Intro to Sales, DSLR Video Production, Literature & Leadership

Four Oaks Academy


Dual enrollment classes through Belhaven University’s High Scholars, Apprentice University’s Jumpstart program, and Boyce College; classical education.

  • English literature & composition
  • Languages (Spanish, Latin, & Italian)
  • World & American History
  • Art Appreciation, Public Speaking, Personal Finance
  • Christian Worldview, Biblical Permeation, Old Testament Survey II, Hermeneutics
  • Computer Programming
  • Psychology, Philosophy


Repeatedly recognized at both regional and national levels for outstanding oratorical performance, including the Stossel in the Classroom Essay Contest (2018), the Indianapolis Right to Life Oratory Contest (2017), and the Voice of Democracy Audio Essay Competition (2016).

If you would like to learn more about my educational experience, various awards, volunteer activities, and more, please feel free to contact me using the button below.