About Me

Hi, everyone!

My name is Grace Murrell. Thank you for visiting my website and blog, New Generation Thinkers! On this page, you will find some information about myself. Hopefully, through this site, you will not only learn more about me, but I will learn more about you. Enjoy!


I have been blessed to receive a classical Christian private education. From an early age, I had the freedom to learn and explore. My life has been characterized by reading, writing, listening, and having deep conversations about great ideas.

In junior high and high school, I participated in various extracurricular activities, including RHETORIC Speech & Debate Club—writing, memorizing, and presenting speeches and debating at multiple tournaments each year. I also got involved in a local homeschool band and choir. I continue to indulge my musical spirit by playing the flute, violin, and piano.

The horizons of learning grew increasingly tantalizing after I took several dual enrollment classes. I participated in Belhaven University’s High Scholars, a two-year program centered on history, English, and art. I have also taken several courses through Boyce College, including Intro to Psychology, Intro to Philosophy, Public Speaking, Hermeneutics, and Old Testament Survey II. 

Currently, I am enrolled at and employed by Apprentice University. I joined back in 2016 as a student with JumpStart, their dual enrollment program. I became a full-time student and apprentice in June of 2018 and am on my 6th apprenticeship as of now (November 2020). If you explore some of the posts at NGT, you’ll find updates on my journey through Apprentice University, from the different courses and workshops to my various workplace apprenticeships. 

During my time with Apprentice University, I have had the privilege of participating as an editor and illustrator with Author Assist as well as a creative video freelancer in Simple Storylines, two Student-Led Businesses. 


My hobbies include reading, writing, music, making art, crocheting, cooking and baking, dabbling in acting, listening to podcasts, ballroom dancing, watching great films, and, above all else, having deep conversations about profound ideas. If you look under resources, you will find lists of my favorite authors, books, music, courses/classes, and so forth. I love reading, writing, analyzing, and discussing classics, so you’ll probably see some blog posts on various literary topics on this blog.


Ultimately, I want to change the world through the insights and knowledge I uncover. I am driven to empower people to realize their potential and succeed and work to discover valuable insights about the complex, big-picture issues that affect society. As an avid reader and learner, I endeavor to gather knowledge and experience, develop an investigative approach, and create concrete solutions with wide-ranging impact. I shine when I can yield information that results in tangible advancements in society that maximize opportunity and impact the greater good. In everything, I strive to pursue excellence, professionalism, and humility.

That is why I have started New Generation Thinkers. So many people (real and fictional) have inspired me, and I want to share some of their knowledge, experiences, and insights with you. The purpose of this blog is to engage with the great ideas and conversations that have shaped, and are shaping, Western Civilization through a Christian worldview. I want to ask hard questions and investigate the answers with the audience of New Generation Thinkers.