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New Generation Thinkers

Welcome to New Generation Thinkers (NGT), home for people striving to be intentionally extraordinary. I’m Grace Murrell, a fun-loving, creative, curious lifelong learner. Join me, and other incredible people, on a fantastic quest to discover the goodness, truth, and beauty of the ordinary and the extraordinary in all realms of life.

The Problem

Our modern society is failing and fading. By abandoning its rich heritage from both the Enlightenment and the Reformation, the West has lost itself. We are a “cut-flower” culture, our roots — our connection to life and flourishing — snipped off at the base.

“We should note this curious mark of our age: The only absolute allowed is the absolute insistence that there is no absolute.”

Francis Schaeffer

Postmodernism cries, “Believe whatever works for you.” Whatever you want, whatever seems best, whatever brings pleasure. Everything is acceptable, even violence, as long as you don’t impose your beliefs on someone else. One thought-system is considered just as intrinsically worthy as any other when it comes to explaining our identity, origins, purpose, destiny, world, morality, culture, and society. All truth is relative; values are only expressions of personal emotions and opinions. Tolerance—the claim that all ideas and beliefs are equally valid and deserve equal endorsement—becomes the primary virtue. All religions must tolerate each other because no worldview is necessarily right or wrong.

Relativism leaves us in chaos, anarchy, and darkness. To make truth relative is to destroy its very existence. All that remains is a rotating buffet of subjective opinions, theories, “rights,” moral codes, and lifestyles. A plethora of radicalism, conflict, and litigation precede an eventual, but complete, social meltdown. Without truth, we are alone. We are organisms, created and governed by chance, running around and bumping into each other with no purpose or meaning to our lives.

The question before us now is, where do we go from here? 

Our Vision

Our purpose here at NGT is to share insights, knowledge, and information about the great ideas and conversations that have shaped, continue to shape and are now shaping Western Civilization. We seek to answer concerns about the future of the West, engaging others of the current generation in thoughtful discussions and debates about the issues of man and life’s ultimate questions.


Through a Christian worldview, we will consider various topics, including:

  • World history (Western, Eastern, American, you name it)
  • Transcendentals
  • Theology of Work: vocation and calling
  • Great books (classics to modern tales) and literary criticism
  • Leadership and Christian influence
  • Education and learning unrestricted
  • Art, theatre, and music
  • Entrepreneurship, business, career mapping, and apprenticeships
  • Biblical principles surrounding controversies of abortion, in-vitro fertilization, embryonic stem cell research, and so on
  • Travel, adventure, and cultural immersion
  • Faith, film, and dialogue
  • Candor and emotional intelligence
  • Digital storytelling
  • Philosophy, theology, and world religions
  • Generational worldview differences
  • Notable influencers
  • The myth of adolescence and the dangers of low expectations


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